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Repiping Services in Sugar Land, TX


Here in Sugar Land, TX, the professionals at Doug Turner Plumbing CO. specialize in pipe repair, drain repair, and numerous other types of repiping operations. We can perform whole-house repiping as well as smaller ones, and will consult with you beforehand to determine how much repiping is actually necessary. For services you can depend on, call on our team today andset up a consultation.

What Is Repiping?

When plumbing pipes suffer damage or spring leaks, you have options as to how to deal with it. In some cases, a patch or weld can fix the problem, but in others, you may need to replace an entire length of pipe. Here in Sugar Land, we can consult with you to determine whether repiping is required for pipe repair or drain repair in your system.

When Is Repiping Required?

Generally speaking, you’ll need to repipe your plumbing when the damage is too extensive to simply patch up. For example, a leak in your pipes may be able to be patched easily. But if the leak was caused by corrosion that has scarred and pitted the rest of the pipe, installing a new pipe is preferable than constantly dealing with leaks that spring up.

When Is Whole–House Repiping Necessary?

Whole–house repiping becomes necessary either when systematic damage has taken place over the whole of the system, or when the system is extremely old and uses components such as lead in the pipes that present a threat to your home. Either way, Doug Turner Plumbing CO. is standing by to conduct whole–house repiping services throughout the Sugar Land area!

Repiping Can Involve Installing New Pipes as Well

In some cases, it’s not the pipes themselves that are the issue, but rather their placement. For instance, some pipes are installed beneath the foundation of your home or in some other areas that make it extremely difficult to reach and repair. In those cases, new pipe installation can provide an easy solution: repiping by running new lengths of pipe around the problem area.

Call Our Plumbers for Repiping Services in Sugar Land, TX

Regardless of what you need from your repiping service, you want a company like ours on your side. We’ve been in business since 1987 and service homes throughout the area. Our team has extensive experience with repiping, and we can assess the situation in your home before recommending a strong course of action. Whether that involves installing a new pipe, replacing an old one, or just providing a patch as part of a pipe repair or drain repair operation, trust us every time! Give us a call toschedule repiping servicesin Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.